The Rundown: Transformers 4, a ‘Community’ death, and Glenn Beck finds the force

The Roll:

Apparently there is going to be a death in the Community. Joel McHale has informed TV Guide that a well-known character that fans have “seen a lot” will die when the show returns. The death will reportedly come at “mid-afternoon”. Is it Chang? Starburns? My vote? Leonard.

Josh Horowitz over at MTV got the scoop from Lorenzo Di Bonaventura that Michael Bay will return to direct a fourth Transformers movie. Di Bonaventura expects the film to hit theaters in June 29, 2014. No word on if Shia LaBeouf will return, he’s presently busy trying to not look 12.

With Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman already in the can and heading for theaters in the next few months and Angelina Jolie reportedly getting ready to film Maleficent, Disney’s all growed up take re-take on Sleeping Beauty, this comes as no surprise. Guillermo del Toro will direct Beauty, a new adaptation of the über-familiar Beauty in the Beast tale. Emma Watson is set to star, this according to THR.

Fun with Pictures:

Via Ginger Haze with a hat tip to our own Kaitlin Pedri for discovering it. The perfect Whovian Valentines Day card.

via Ginger Haze

Video of the Day: 

There are few phrases that I could utter that would buckle my knees like this: Bravo Glenn Beck. Beck, who is reliably off the mark on most of his views (in my un-humble opinion) took some time on his radio show to pulverize George Lucas with words.

Glenn, I salute you (but your sidekick who said Star Wars is mostly horrible can suck it), and the whole of geekdom salutes you; now give up on all this political nonsense and lend your voice to other contentious geek issues, like the need for a new Star Trek. Here’s the video.

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