‘The Hobbit’ adds Billy Connolly to its roster


Credit: IMDBJust when you thought casting news was over and done with for The Hobbit, Peter Jackson’s two-parter prequel to The Lord of the Rings, another new announcement comes along.

Billy Connolly, the Scottish actor prominent in Boondock Saints II and The Last Samurai, will take on the role of dwarven warrior Dain Ironfoot, Deadline reports. The casting choice lends an extra layer of awesome to the much-anticipated movies; fighting dwarves already make for great fight scenes, and an actor with Connolly’s experience could easily make the warrior the badass to watch.

In some ways, it is remarkable that the role was only cast today. Jackson shot most of the footage already, and it seems surprising that he’d hold off on the battle sequences until the end of shooting. But if his first endeavors at adapting Tolkien are anything to go by, the director knows what he’s doing. Connolly’s addition backs that up well enough.

Part 1, An Unexpected Journey, comes out December 14th of this year. There and Back Again debuts December 13th, 2013. Another reason to survive the Mayan apocalypse.

Bree Kornblum Katz

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