Doctor Who Children in Need episode a slight letdown

It’s his own fault really. Back in 2007, present Doctor Who¬†executive producer Steven Moffat set the bar preposterously high when he wrote the Children in Need Who short, ‘Time Crash”. A short that merged a sliver from the past season, an inch from the coming one, and a great bit of retro appeal with two Doctors, number 5 (Peter Davison) and number 10 (David Tennant), trading quips and eventually mutual respect aboard the TARDIS. It was splendid, brief, but splendid.

Going into this year it seemed like we might be in for something special, something along the lines of “Time Crash”, a true, canonical mini-sode. Alas it was not to be, and while this years Children in Need bit was filled with the Doctor being the Doctor, it was not so much an adventure as it was a plea for people to help out the charity. I’m a fan of Children of Need, their work to help disadvantaged children in a profound way, but I wouldn’t have minded a few extra minutes of the Doctor’s time and a bit of running, and sonic screwdrivering.

The seasons been done for almost 2 months, we’re a touch more than a month away from the Christmas Special, and Time Lord knows how long it’ll be until season 7 actually begins. Sure we got the trailer for “The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe”, but I wanted more.

Here’s a look at the Doctor Who Children in Need clip, and if you want to learn more about the charity please go here.

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