The Rundown: True Blood, Protestors, and Women’s Health

From time to time news items fall through the cracks. It’s up to the Rundown to pick them up, dust them off, and present them to you.

We call that "Eye-patch Girl" equal time...

Chris Meloni has officially found a new, bloody home. TVLine is reporting that Meloni will officially join the cast of True Blood next season. According to series creator and producer Alan Ball, Meloni will play ”an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.”

The women of Mozambique are being reminded about their health by a series of oddly angled (and likely unauthorized) PSA’s that show popular female Marvel and DC characters performing a self breast exam. Have to applaud the overall motive, but, as one commentor on io9 pointed out, is the brand recognition in Mozambique all that high?

I’m a happy Android owner, but I do experience Siri-inspired iPhone envy from time to time; thankfully, those days may be coming to a middle as whispers indicate that Google may be readying it’s own snooty digital assistant, presently code named “Majel”. While it’s possible that some form of “Majel” may be imminent, no one knows for sure when it will see the light of day, not even Siri.

Speaking of iPhones and Apple, as I sort of did up there, the late Steve Jobs was notably snubbed as Time Magazine announced it’s person of the year for 2011. The winner? The Protester. Time lists on their cover the brief rundown of accomplishments in this, the year of the protester, mentioning The Arab Spring and the Occupy movement. Surprisingly they didn’t mention pissing off Frank Miller, whose preferred candidate, Dagny Taggart, was deemed ineligible.

I’d also like to single out another shocking omission from the list of great protesters: My friend Jim, who is totally writing a strongly worded letter of protest to Wal-Mart for their repeated failure to have his favorite flavor of Gatorade in stock. The spirits of Selma move with you, Jim, they move with you.

Enough words, it’s time for pictures:

Avengers vs. X-Men #0 by Brian Michael Bendis and Jason Aaron

our first official Prometheus poster…


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